20/08/2014 | Press release

RS12 – Reload Swiss expands product assortment with new pistol powder

RS12 is the new pistol powder from Reload Swiss RS.

The new RS12 is now the fastest powder available under Nitrochemie Wimmis AG's new brand for high performance propellent powders. It will go on the market in late summer.

RS12 is a porous, extruded, nitrocellulose-based one-hole powder. With an explosion heat of approximately 4050 joules per gram, it is ideal as a fast powder for many pistol and smaller revolver calibres. It thus complements the already available RS20 for applications in which the latter does not deliver satisfactory results in terms of unburned residues. Common loading applications for loads using RS12 include such calibres as .38 Special, .40S&W, .45ACP and 9mm Luger.

RS12 will be available in 500-gram cans or four-kilogram canisters. When stored properly, the powder can be used safely for up to ten years.

About Reload Swiss RS

Reload Swiss RS is the new brand of internationally respected Nitrochemie Wimmis AG. This propellent specialist, a joint venture of Rheinmetall and RUAG, brings its close to 100 years of experience with high-performance powders to bear on the development and manufacture of Reload Swiss RS products. The state-of-the-art production equipment meets demanding standards for the safety of people and the environment. Constant quality assurance from production to packaging ensures uniform fabrication quality for the most demanding shooters. Altogether, the result is excellent value for money and extreme accuracy.

A high-performance distribution network throughout Europe makes for reliable availability. Nitrochemie and its distribution partners are always at our customers’ service when it comes to sharing load data, tips and experience, so as to continually expand and spread the knowledge base of Reload Swiss RS products. Feel free to contact martin.wenger@nitrochemie.com.

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