13/10/2017 | Press release

IPSC World Shoot Handgun 2017 – Reload Swiss RS the choice of champions in all disciplines

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) is the organiser of the shooting discipline of the same name. In addition to marksmanship, IPSC competition also recognises shooters’ mobility and how quickly they can cover a defined course. It is thus characterised as “dynamic shooting”, as opposed to “static shooting”, in which the shooter stands at a fixed position and is not subject to any time constraints.

The XVIIIth World Shoot Handgun – the world championship in highly dynamic IPSC competition – was held in France in mid-September. Reload Swiss RS shooters took home an incredible six gold, five silver and nine bronze medals!

Nitrochemie Wimmis AG’s brand of high-performance propellent powders has definitively established itself as a recognised choice of top shooters world-wide. The 20 Reload Swiss RS medal-winners came from eight nations.

Reload Swiss shooter Christine Burkhalter was this year’s champion in the Standard/Lady class. This Swiss shooter uses RS12 powder. Three more RS 12 users also bagged gold medals – Heribert “Betze” Bettermann (Germany, Production/Super-Senior), Maria Gushchina (Russia, Production/Lady) and Joel Gerard (France, Classic/Super-Senior). The other two gold medallists, Jorge Ballesteros (Spain, Open/Overall) and Daniele Barbizzi (Italy, Team Open/Senior) depend on RS24.

Gerald Reiter (Austria, Revolver/Overall), Sascha Back (Germany, Team Revolver) and Joel Gerard and Michel Nestolat (Team France/Classic Senior) won their silver medals using RS12. In the Open/Senior class, José Zanon Blasco from Spain shot his way to yet another silver medal with RS24.

RS12 and RS24 also contributed to a whole slew of bronze medals: RS24 users Daniele Barbizzi (Open/Senior) and Jorge Ballesteros (Team Open/Overall) earned their place on the winners’ podium once again, as die RS12 shooters Gerald Reiter and Johann Lang (Team Austria/Revolver), Maria Gushchina (Team Russia Production Ladies) and Robin Sebo, Michal Stepan, Miroslav Zapletal and Zdenek Kuzel (Team Czechia Overall) as well.

Sascha Back (Germany, 4th place Revolver, RS12), Peter Heller (Switzerland, 10th place Production Senior, RS20), Nils Nothnagel (Germany, 25th place Open, RS20 and RS24) and Dominic Meier (Switzerland, 40th place Open, RS24) rounded out the excellent showing of the Reload Swiss shooters.

Martin Wenger, Reload Swiss RS Programme Manager, said, “The entire team at Reload Swiss RS is extremely proud of the latest excellent showing at the IPSC Championships! More and more shooters in Europe and around the world depend on our products and trust our load data and our service. We will continue to expand our product range so that we can keep offering top-class service to shooters around the world.”

About Reload Swiss RS

Whether for sport shooters or hunters, handguns or long guns and whatever the discipline or use – Reload Swiss RS offers the right propellant for all custom handloads. Consistent quality and burn performance ensure precise, highly repeatable hits – even across the most varied weather conditions.

Internationally acclaimed Nitrochemie Wimmis AG is a joint venture of Rheinmetall and RUAG that specialises in propellants. This company devotes its 100 years of experience with high-performance propellants to the development and manufacture of Reload Swiss RS products. The state-of-the-art production equipment meets demanding standards for the safety of people and the environment. Constant quality assurance from production to packaging ensures uniform fabrication quality for the most demanding shooters. Altogether, the result is excellent value for money and extreme accuracy.

Nitrochemie and its distribution partners are always at our customers’ service when it comes to sharing load data, tips and experience, so as to continually expand and spread the knowledge base of Reload Swiss RS products.

Feel free to contact martin.wenger@nitrochemie.com.

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