16/03/2020 | Hints from the experts

Customer load data per powder type

Dear Reload Swiss friends,

Though I am not entirely sure that what I have to say comes under the heading of “tips and tricks”, we would like to publish this here anyway. I was interested in learning how much you like our various powders. Naturally, I can see this from the sales figures, but I took the opportunity to analyze the second database. As of March 9, 2020, we have received a total of 663 recipes from you. These break down as follows:

Powder Number of database entries Rank
RS12 89 3
RS20 43 7
RS24 27 10
RS30 34 9
RS36 6 12
RS40 59 5
RS50 42 8
RS52 106 2
RS60 121 1
RS62 51 6
RS70 63 4
RS76 0 13
RS80 22 11

I don’t think these numbers are entirely random. RS60 also tops our sales figures. It is closely followed by RS52; this too is confirmed by our sales figures. RS12 is our best-selling handgun powder, as testified by the many recipes. The ranking correlates very closely with our sales figures. Only RS50 is in much wider use than the current 42 recipes would suggest. We need to differentiate a bit for ranks 12 and 13. RS36 is our second most recent product, and RS76 is the latest product in our portfolio. We’re eagerly looking forward to receiving the first recipe. This is a golden opportunity to earn a place in Reload Swiss family history books. However, I don’t want to interpret anything more into these figures. I wish you happy shooting with all our 13 powders.

Dominik Antenen

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