02/12/2018 | Hints from the experts

Customer load database

Dear Reload Swiss family,

I am writing these lines to express my gratitude to you for the incredible support you’ve shown our brand with your recipes. As of today (27/11/2018), the second database contains 553 recipes which we received from you. If we apply a linear regression to the data, we find that you’ve sent us around 103 recipes per year. I find both the number of recipes and the quality of the data nothing less than remarkable. But what moves me even more is your willingness to share the know-how you’ve developed with other shooters, who can also be your competitors at the range. What this community has achieved is simply amazing. The diagram below illustrates what I’m talking about:


Naturally, I hope I can continue to count on you, and I wish you every success, whether at the range or in the field. Good shooting and good hunting!

Dominik Antenen

The perfect hit!
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