27/03/2014 | Hints from the experts

Reduced loads

In reduced loads, reduced quantities of extremely fast-burning powders are used. The filling level of the cartridge is usually far below the normal target level of 85%. The advantage of these handloads is their low cost. The heat transfer from the powder and the resulting barrel erosion are also less. Some shooters have concerns particularly with regard to the uniform ignition of the powder granules distributed randomly inside the cartridge.

However, studies performed by DEVA on behalf of H&N Sport put these fears to rest. Shooters who still want to fix the TLP load in close proximity to the primer can do so by loosely filling it out with standard commercially available wadding. Easily-igniting single based powders are generally the preferred propellants.

Our RS30, and in some cases RS20, are suitable for reduced loads. I personally prefer conventional loads with a higher filling level; still, we can't ignore reduced loads – even if we wanted to. We wish you optimum results with your projects and our powders!

Yours, Dominik Antenen
R&D Director

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