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Reloading cartridges can be dangerous. Incorrectly reloaded cartridges can result in damage and personal injury. In some countries, formal training is required. Even in countries without such legal requirements, we recommend attending such a course. As the propellant powder is outside of our control and oversight once it leaves our factory, we refuse all liability for any damages that may result. The manufacturer shall only be liable in the event of intent or gross negligence.

Cartridge reloading should always be performed with the necessary respect for the explosive material. Attention to details and careful, precise working help to increase safety. In particular, mistakes in the powder type or double loads can result in severe problems.

Always observe the following basic rules:

I. Never start with the specified maximum charge. The process should always begin with a starting charge and then develop in the direction of the maximum charge until the desired shooting result is attained.

II. Never exceed the maximum charge published by Nitrochemie Wimmis AG. High pressures can damage or destroy your weapon.

III. Stop shooting your self-loaded cartridges immediately if you see signs of excessive pressure.

IV. Never mix propellant powders. This applies for all brands and types.

V. Never use propellant powder in black powder firearms. Smokeless propellant powders produce significantly greater pressures than black powder.

The reloading of ammunition entails components from other manufacturers. A number of parameters must be observed. The equipment used must be in perfect working order. Nitrochemie Wimmis AG has no control over these processes and thus expressly refuses any liability for damage that may occur due to reloading or in the use of corresponding components and ammunition.

Reloading is always performed at your own risk!


*C: Compressed load
*IP: IPSC load
*HP: Attention: high pressure!
*OL: COL longer than C.I.P.

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