RS76 Rifle Powder


RS76 is especially well suited for Magnum cartridges. It is the ideal solution for closing the wide gap between RS70 and RS80. The new RS76 has inherited all the best traits of RS70 (European Champion, F-Class).

Standard calibres

  • 7mm Rem Mag
  • 7mm STW
  • .300 Norma Mag
  • .300 Rem Ultra Mag
  • .338 Norma Mag
  • .338 Lapua Mag

Packaging units

1 kg can + 10 kg drum

Powder type

RS76 is an extruded, single-based propellant powder based on nitrocellulose. A unique impregnation method using nitroglycerine ensures top performance. The powder contains a state-of-the-art, lead-free de-coppering additive, making it suitable for low-pollution ammunition.

Safe service life

If properly stored, the propellant powder remains safe to use for up to ten years.

Verification tolerances

Batch-to-batch tolerance:

v5 ±12 m/s
pmax ±250 bar

Key characteristics

Heat of explosion

approx. 3.850 J/g

Bulk density

approx. 990 g/l

Grain diameter

approx. 1,1 mm

Grain length

approx. 1,7 mm
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